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Modern legal teams use Pactly to draft, review, negotiate and manage their contracts



Let your business teams fill up a simple questionnaire to request for template contracts or the legal team's review.

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Draft templates

Automate your frequently used templates and quickly generate first drafts directly from our Microsoft Word plugin.

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Review redlines to your template or counterparty contracts against your preferred contract playbooks for greater consistency.

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Negotiation playbooks

Set up your positions, preferred fallbacks, guidance notes, and approval requirements using our customisable playbook capabilities.

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Contract lifecycle management

Manage your contracts, keeping track of changes, versions, approvals and all that happens across the contract lifecycle

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Approve & Execute

Track document and clause level approvals easily, and when you're ready, seamless e-sign these contracts via our platform.

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Template Insights

Collect actionable insights into how your templates and playbooks are performing so that you can iteratively improve on them.



Understand how your team is performing and determine which parts of your contract lifecycle need more tweaking or more resources.


Automated contract analysis & intelligence

Read more about how DBS, a leading financial services group headquartered in Singapore, used our solution to improve productivity, support better risk governance, and build a data-driven legal framework in this white paper.

More than just another CLM solution

See how we enable your team to create better templates, playbooks and negotiators

On average, across the pre-execution lifecycle of a contract, legal teams typically spend about 50% of their time on workflow processes (e.g. time spent getting drafts ready, seeking approval, or getting signatures). Significantly, the other 50% of the time is spent reviewing or waiting for legal review.

This means that implementing a better contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution only gets you that far. Ultimately, a better and faster contracting process hinges on better templates, better playbooks and better negotiators; and there's plenty that technology can do to help with that.


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