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Billed monthly

Designed for larger legal teams requiring more customization, configuration, and hands-on support.

  • checkmarkMinimum of 10 users
  • checkmark30 smart templates
  • checkmark60 AI contract reviews / month
  • checkmark50 Pactly e-Sign requests/month

Features include:

  • checkmarkEverything in Growth and ...
  • checkmarkContracting Hub
  • checkmark Sharepoint integration (back-up only)
  • checkmarkEnhanced SLA
  • checkmarkSSO/LDAP Integration 
  • checkmarkPactly Open API




Billed monthly

Perfect for growing legal teams looking to include other teams in the contract process to boost efficiency.

  • checkmarkMinimum of 5 users
  • checkmark12 smart templates
  • checkmark30 AI contract reviews/month
  • checkmark25 Pactly e-Sign requests/month

Features include:

  • checkmarkEverything in Essentials and ...
  • checkmarkCustom contract review playbooks
  • checkmarkCustomizable workflows
  • checkmarkTemplate & playbook insights
  • checkmarkAutomated sanctions/PEP check
  • checkmarkAudit Log




Billed monthly

Ideal for solo counsels or startups who want to modernize and standardize contract management.

  • checkmarkMinimum of 1 user
  • checkmark3 smart templates
  • checkmark5 AI-contract reviews/month
  • checkmark8 Pactly e-Sign requests/month

Features include:

  • checkmarkIntake forms
  • checkmarkTemplate generation (from forms)
  • checkmarkContract repository
  • checkmarkeSignature integrations
  • checkmarkDocument versioning; round tracking
  • checkmarkBasic analytics


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Full Features List

USD per user/month
USD per user/month
USD per user/month
Package includes: Ultimate Growth Essentials
Minimum number of usersquestion-mark 10 5 1
Managing Templates; Drafting template agreements Ultimate Growth Essentials
Smart Templatesquestion-mark Up to 30 templates Up to 12 templates Up to 3 templates
Generation of templates from forms checkmark checkmark checkmark
Clause library checkmark checkmark checkmark
Generating document setsquestion-mark checkmark dash dash
Reviewing contracts Ultimate Growth Essentials
AI-assisted contract review (non-template contracts)question-mark 60 reviews / month 30 reviews / month 5 reviews / month
Round tracking & built-in diff comparisons checkmark checkmark checkmark
Fallbacks & guidance notes checkmark checkmark checkmark
Historical insights checkmark checkmark checkmark
Customizable contract playbooksquestion-mark checkmark checkmark dash
CLM Essentials; Repository Ultimate Growth Essentials
Intake Forms Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Pactly e-Signature requests 50 requests/month 25 requests/month 8 requests/month
Document versioning; contract repository checkmark checkmark checkmark
Expiration reminders & trackingquestion-mark checkmark checkmark dash
Customizable Workflowsquestion-mark checkmark dash dash
Analytics Ultimate Growth Essentials
Utilisation and basic metricsquestion-mark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Template & Playbook Insightsquestion-mark checkmark checkmark dash
Contracting Hub Ultimate Growth Essentials
Access to contracting hub question-mark checkmark dash dash
Enterprise Needs Ultimate Growth Essentials
SLA - Uptime guarantee checkmark (Enhanced - 99.9%) checkmark (Basic - 99%) checkmark (Basic - 99%)
Security questionnaire supportquestion-mark checkmark checkmark dash
Audit log checkmark checkmark dash
Priority Supportquestion-mark checkmark checkmark dash
SSO/LDAP Integrationquestion-mark checkmark dash dash
Historical Migrationquestion-mark Available as an add-on Available as an add-on dash
Integrations Ultimate Growth Essentials
DocuSign checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
AdobeSign checkmark checkmark checkmark
Sanctions/PEP checks (through Dilisense) checkmark checkmark dash
SharePoint Export (for backup purposes) checkmark checkmark dash
Slack [Coming soon] checkmark checkmark dash
Teams [Coming soon] checkmark checkmark dash
Salesforce [Coming soon] checkmark checkmark dash
Hubspot [Coming soon] checkmark checkmark dash
Pactly Open API [Coming soon] checkmark checkmark dash

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Pactly is ISO-27001 certified and implements controls and processes compliant with current industry best practices for cloud security.

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Our experts will guide you through setting up templates, workflows, and processes to ensure everything works perfectly, so you don't have to.

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Frequently asked questions

Our clients' most frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes! You can try our Growth plan absolutely free for 30 days. You don’t even need to put down a credit card to get started. You’ll get access for up to 5 users and can create up to 12 contract templates and unlimited negotiation playbooks. Plus, count on our team to help you get the most out of your free trial period.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, you can cancel any time without justification or hidden costs. Your subscription will end at the end of the subscription period that you've signed up for (i.e. end of the month/year you've subscribed for).

Is it possible to add my teammates to my trial account?

Yes, definitely. On the Growth plan, you'll be able to add at least 4 other users to the workspace in addition to yourself. If you need more user seats for the trial period, do reach out to us at

Does this work if I am a solo legal counsel / general counsel?

Yes, definitely. Many of our most active users are solo counsels. The popular use cases tend to be driving self-service by the business teams and incrementally building the right foundations for scaling a legal team (e.g. setting up a review checklist, consolidating internal know-how around negotiating key agreements).

Is Pactly the AI Robot lawyer we've be looking for?

No, we've built Pactly on the assumption that you'll still be reviewing (or glancing through) the contract. Our objective isn't to build a robot lawyer but to design deliberate capabilities and processes using our platform to help you review faster and negotiate less (e.g., introducing better structure in templates and helping you adapt your negotiation strategy). If you're looking for a solution to make all the edits and send it out automatically, we may not be the best fit for you.

I have more questions ...

You can have a look at our knowledge base or our product pages if you want to know more.
You can also send an email to Ivan at

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