Simple contract lifecycle management for

Our contract lifecycle management software helps you take contracts from request to execution and beyond without overwhelming your legal team.

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We simplify contract management for organizations of all sizes


Key features that simplify contract management

1. Instant Online Signatures

Pactly integrates with DocuSign and AdobeSign, so you can digitally sign contracts and link it back to your repository.

2. In-App Document Viewer

Our integrated web-based document viewer makes it easy to view .doc, .docx and .pdf files without clogging without annoying downloads.

3. Integrated Email History

Copy Pactly on contract-related emails, and we’ll save them to your contract timeline so you can revisit the details of your negotiations.


Pactly makes contract management incredibly easy


Access any contract or template on demand

Pactly makes it easy to find updated contract templates, the most-updated draft, or signed and executed contracts. Say goodbye to “file-and-forget” and hello to contracts on-demand to execute successful contracts faster and manage them more efficiently.

Flexible, easy to fill-in questionnaires

Easy-to-fill-in questionnaires

Enable business to self-serve

Enable your business to self-serve

draft contracts faster
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Streamline negotiations to get more done

We compare contract versions to show you what’s changed; you simply review the redlines. We log and time-stamp every change so you know what happened and when. And Pactly makes it easy to update stakeholders and streamline approvals to move your contracts forward.

Easily track changes across versions

Detailed document change history

Simple process to get approvals

Simple process to get approvals

See the full story behind each contract

Pactly’s unique contract lifecycle management view lets you drill into the detailed history of every contract you’ve ever signed. All edits, approvals, and even emails are added to the contract timeline, giving you critical context when assessing the results of any contract.

Timeline tracking all key events

Timeline tracking all key events

Never lose any context of the contract

Never lose any context of the contract

contract templates
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Never miss a deadline, renewal, or milestone

Easily set up email reminders to notify you and all relevant parties as contract milestones are approaching. Customize the reminders to each contract, including key details and required actions to ensure you stay on top of your obligations.

Never forget key events

Customizable contract reminders

Monitor contract performance

Monitor contract performance


Contracts aren’t just for lawyers anymore

Pactly’s easy-to-use platform lets you give your entire team access to the most updated contract templates they need. And it empowers them to get much of the heavy lifting done before involving the legal team.

sales teams
For Sales Teams

Empower your sales team to quickly customize contracts and get deals signed with ease, using Pactly's streamlined contract creation and e-signature tools.

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For Procurement Teams

Pactly simplifies vendor contract negotiations and renewals by providing an all-in-one platform to manage contracts, templates, and clauses, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

checkmarkService Agreement
checkmarkMaster Service Agreement
checkmarkConsulting Agreement
checkmarkData Processing Agreement
checkmarkSupply of Goods Agreement
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For Project Teams

Stay on track and meet your project goals with Pactly's contract management tools that provide easy access to contract clauses and approvals. Pactly streamlines your team's contract management, allowing you to focus on project delivery.

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checkmarkSubscription Agreement
checkmarkConvertible Loan Notes
checkmarkMOUs and LOIs
checkmarkJoint Venture Agreements
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For HR Teams

Pactly empowers HR teams to ensure compliance and mitigate risks with centralized document management and standardized employment contracts. With Pactly, you can securely store and easily manage all employee contracts and associated documents.

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checkmarkIndependent Contractor Agreement
checkmarkConsulting Agreement
checkmarkInternship Agreement
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Manage contracts better throughout their entire lifecycle


Frequently asked questions

Our clients' most frequently asked questions

Are my contracts safe with Pactly?

Yes, we understand the sensitivity of the data we hand, and we take security seriously. We are ISO-27001 certified and implement controls and processes compliant with current industry best practices for cloud security.

Does this replace SharePoint, DropBox, or any version control or document management system as my file repository?

Some teams use Pactly as their exclusive central file repository for storing their pre-execution and post-execution contracts. While preferences vary from team to team, Pactly works well with most document management systems if you choose to use them side-by-side.

How does Pactly compare to other contract lifecycle management software (e.g. DocuSign CLM, Apptus CLM, Icertis CLM) in the market?

Unlike most contract lifecycle management software, Pactly is more than just a workflow solution. We've built the platform to address the two most significant areas to help organisations improve their contracting process. The first area is about developing a better process to manage contracts, and this is where CLM software comes in. The second and more significant area is developing better templates, negotiation playbooks, and legal know-how to improve the speed and quality of contract review. We are one of the more unique CLM software providers that have combined these capabilities in the two areas into a unified and accessible platform.

Does Pactly provide electronic signature capabilities?

Currently, we integrate with DocuSign and Adobe Sign, making the process of obtaining electronic signatures seamless. Do note that you'll need a separate subscription for these solutions. We are also developing native electronic signature capabilities for users with no separate subscriptions to DocuSign or Adobe Sign.

We have a complex approval process already set up with [Solution X]. Can we still use Pactly?

Yes, the process is less seamless than if you chose to handle approvals via Pactly. However, we can configure your workflow so you can download the relevant final version and send it to the approvers via email or upload it into your approval management solution. Once the contract is approved and signed, you can re-upload the fully executed document to Pactly.

Can you also handle the contract creation and contract generation steps?

Most definitely! The contract generation process is the first step and a huge part of any contract management system. Users can setup their templates on our system so it's easier for their stakeholders to request for a new contract based on pre-approved templates. You can read more about the features of our contract generation software or read about how Virtuos Games introduced an automated NDA process and moved away from manual contract generation.