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Empower your sales, procurement and HR teams to create professional draft contracts in under 5 minutes by filling out a simple questionnaire.

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We simplify contract management for organizations of all sizes


Three simple steps to a faster first draft

1. Select a contract template
contract template

You select from a list of up-to-date template contracts, like NDAs, services agreements, purchase contracts, and more. Templates are shared with only authorized team members.

2. Answer questions
answer questions

Your team member answers basic questions about the contract to be created, like counterparty details and info to include or exclude, allowing Pactly to create an accurate contract.

3. Check your inbox
check your inbox

The updated first draft contract is delivered to your team via email so they can review and forward it to the client, contractor, or supplier.


Fast, Accurate Contract Creation


Make draft contracts amazingly simple

Your team members simply select one of your standard contract templates and answer a few questions on the subject matter. Pactly updates the contract and sends the draft to their inbox. So your team can customize contracts for suppliers, collaborators, contractors, and clients accurately and on-demand.

Flexible, easy to fill-in questionnaires

Flexible, easy to fill-in questionnaires

Integrated Microsoft Word plugin

One-click Word document generation

draft contracts faster
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Don't let contracts hold your business back

Contracts should enable business, not slow it down. But when the average organization takes 3 days to prepare a first draft contract, something as simple as an NDA can add days to your workflow. Pactly lets you create many first draft contracts in 5 minutes or less to keep your business moving forward.

Logical and conditional questions

Logical and conditional questions

Clauses added or removed dynamically

Clauses added or removed dynamically

Get the most out of your legal team

Simple contracts drain your legal team’s time and energy. Pactly helps them level-up productivity by centralizing updated contract templates, empowering other teams and automating simple edits. With contracts off their plate, everyone moves faster and your legal team can focus on high-value work.

Always up-to-date templates

Always up-to-date templates

Enable business to self-serve

Enable business to self-serve

contract templates

Support all your business groups

Our customers have onboarded all kinds of contracts on Pactly, ranging from simple 2-page documents to complex 100-page documents.

Master Service Agreement (MSAs), Services agreement
Non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements
Business contracts, e.g. sales contracts, SaaS agreements
HR-related or Employment Agreements
Investment documents, e.g. shareholders' agreements, asset purchase agreements
sales teams
For Sales Teams

Empower your sales team to quickly customize contracts and get deals signed with ease, using Pactly's streamlined contract creation and e-signature tools.

checkmarkSales Contracts
checkmarkSaas Agreements
checkmarkLicence Agreements
checkmarkNon-disclosure Agreements
checkmarkPOC Agreements
sales teams
For Procurement Teams

Pactly simplifies vendor contract negotiations and renewals by providing an all-in-one platform to manage contracts, templates, and clauses, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

checkmarkService Agreement
checkmarkMaster Service Agreement
checkmarkConsulting Agreement
checkmarkData Processing Agreement
checkmarkSupply of Goods Agreement
sales teams
For Project Teams

Stay on track and meet your project goals with Pactly's contract management tools that provide easy access to contract clauses and approvals. Pactly streamlines your team's contract management, allowing you to focus on project delivery.

checkmarkShareholders' Agreement
checkmarkSubscription Agreement
checkmarkConvertible Loan Notes
checkmarkMOUs and LOIs
checkmarkJoint Venture Agreements
sales teams
For HR Teams

Pactly empowers HR teams to ensure compliance and mitigate risks with centralized document management and standardized employment contracts. With Pactly, you can securely store and easily manage all employee contracts and associated documents.

checkmarkEmployment Agreement
checkmarkIndependent Contractor Agreement
checkmarkConsulting Agreement
checkmarkInternship Agreement
checkmarkTermination Letter


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Simplify contract management to get more done

Finalize contracts faster, increase collaboration and get more work done with Pactly.

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Frequently asked questions

Our clients' most frequently asked questions

Does Pactly come with legal document templates, or do I have to provide my templates?

We have a mix of our standard templates and other open-source templates that are primarily NDAs, SaaS Agreements and sample sales contracts. We are constantly adding more business contract templates to our library, but most of the customers we work with prefer to onboard their own organisation-specific templates.

How is Pactly different from other document automation or template automation software?

Purely comparing the generation of the first draft, Pactly is comparable to the standard document automation or template automation solutions available (e.g. Contract Express by Thomson Reuters). However, we don't stop just at generating the draft; the key is how we support your lawyers in reviewing the changes (a.k.a. redlines) to your template and how we use this redlining data on an ongoing basis to recommend improvements to your template and your processes.

Do we have to learn to set up our templates on Pactly? Does this involve any custom language or coding?

Our solutions team will help you onboard your templates as part of onboarding, so you don't have to worry about learning how to do so. On our end, this means helping our clients clean up the document styles, numbering and formatting, and configuring the document to contain the relevant question input logic and conditional logic. It's a hassle-free process, and once we're done, we'll show you how you can maintain your templates and make minor changes to them over time.

Does Pactly only work with template contracts? What about non-template agreements from a third party?

Yes, we also work with non-template agreements (a.k.a. counterparty contracts, third party paper). Since you won't be the one generating these contracts, the workflow is slightly different, and the process begins directly with a review: read more about reviewing contracts here.