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Tailored for busy leaders at startups and SMEs, Pactly Pal is the missing piece in your contract review. Using cutting-edge generative AI, Pactly Pal simplifies complex documents and ensures accuracy and peace of mind.

Navigate Contracts with Ease

No more going through contracts alone. GuideInk, powered by advanced AI, is here to lighten the load, providing an intelligent, instant review of your agreements. From highlighting key points to identifying potential concerns, we've got your back.

Navigate Contracts with Ease
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Step 1

Email Your Contract

email your contract

Email your contract directly to Pactly Pal for a hassle-free start to your review process.

Step 2

AI-Powered Analysis

ai driven insights

Pactly Pal's AI thoroughly reviews your contract, identifying key terms and potential issues quickly and efficiently.

Step 3

Receive a Clear, Concise Report

review with confidence

A straightforward, insightful report arrives in your inbox, summarizing key findings and highlighting important actions.

Effortless Contract Reviews

Email your contract to Pactly Pal and swiftly receive a succinct report on key points and potential concerns, making contract review a breeze.

Clear Summaries

Navigate through contracts with ease, as complex legal jargon is translated into clear, actionable summaries.

Lifecycle Management
Alerts for Red Flags

Ensure no critical detail is overlooked, as Pactly Pal meticulously flags potential concerns to protect your interests.

Easy Escalation Support

If you require expert advice, effortlessly connect with a network of legal professionals for dedicated assistance.

Intuitive Negotiation Playbooks
Flexible and Affordable

Begin your journey with 3 free checks, and continue with our pay-as-you-go model. Convert to a monthly subscription to unlock premium features when needed.


Your Trust, Our Priority

As the latest product of Pactly, a trusted name in contract management, Pactly Pal ensures reliability, while prioritizing your data security. We adhere to stringent data protection protocols, ensuring that no sensitive information is stored. For continuous service enhancement, anonymized data may be utilized but is never retained beyond 90 days.


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