7 Inhouse Legal Tech Tools Ideal for Budget-Savvy Legal Teams

Smaller in-house legal teams often face challenges with time management, largely due to administrative and repetitive tasks. So much so that you’ll understand why 84 percent of legal professionals say one of their highest priorities is to improve processes and workflows. The challenge is improving efficiency with already limited time (and budgets). How can legal tech help?.

Making legal technology work for smaller teams

Smaller legal teams are often tasked with finding efficient technology solutions on limited budgets. After diligent research, we've identified seven cost-effective inhouse legal tech tools that hit the mark for such teams, and we're eager to share them with you.

While it’s wise to clearly define problems before seeking out tools, we understand the challenge of navigating the tech landscape. For those looking for guidance or inspiration, our list outlines common challenges and corresponding tech solutions embraced by similar-sized teams. Please note, our insights are unbiased and unsponsored, with Pactly being the only exception as it was built by our team over 7 years of working with numerous smaller legal teams.


7 tools ideal for legal teams on a budget (in no particular order)

1. BoardPro for automating board processes

BoardPro aims to make governance easy by streamlining and automating board processes. There’s a feature for every aspect of a board meeting, with tools split into three categories: before, during, and outside. Whether building agendas, taking minutes, or completing a governance repository, intelligent automation completes most of those admin-heavy tasks and helps free up your team’s time. Pricing starts at $1,650.00 annually for unlimited users on the essentials package.


2. EntityKeeper for managing entities and org charts

EntityKeeper frees you from complicated spreadsheets (and the risk of human error). Instead, you can build, manage, and track your organization’s entities all in one place. Located in a secure cloud-based server, your team can use the repository to store everything from banking information to filing deadlines. Plus it removes the need to build complicated org charts manually. Pricing begins at $100.00 per month for small to medium-sized businesses.

3. Pactly for contract lifecycle management

Managing the contract lifecycle involves several intricate steps, and Pactly stands as an essential tool for efficient and meticulous planning and execution. Our platform empowers you to draft, negotiate, and execute contracts with greater ease, allowing your team to focus on strategic work while adhering to best practices. With subscriptions starting at $199 monthly, Pactly offers tailored support to suit the unique needs of smaller teams, ensuring you receive the guidance necessary for success without the burden of hefty implementation fees.


4. LawInsider for contract and clause resources

LawInsider is a subscription-based contract database and resource center that could help your team draft and negotiate contracts more effectively. As the world’s largest database of contracts, clauses, and defined terms, consider it your one-stop shop for everything you’d need to draft better contracts quickly and efficiently. You’ll also have access to instructional videos, webinars, and checklists to ensure maximum efficiency and detail. A monthly subscription starts at $19.00.

5. Motionize for AI help when drafting contracts

Motionize is an AI-powered contracting tool and clause library proven to help teams prepare contracts up to 50 percent faster. Sitting as an app inside Microsoft Word, it can help you find the exact language you need (or that your firm prefers). It also allows you to see clauses in context or build a ‘favorites’ library of your most-used terms. This can help you ensure consistency, correctness, and speed across your contract building. Pricing starts at $25.00 a month.

6. AltLegal for managing trademarks and dockets

AltLegal can help make life easier for those in the trenches with trademarks. The intuitive platform allows you to manage your global trademark portfolio with impressive automation. It alerts you to potential infringement pre-publication, which means you and your clients can take immediate, proactive action. And its automated manual docketing reduces mundane work and the risk of human error. Packages start at $75.00 a month, which includes docketing and trademark protection for up to 50 matters.


7. VisualPing for website monitoring and alerts

VisualPing isn’t a legal industry-specific tool; however, to keep on top of frequent regulatory updates, it’s a handy one to have in your back pocket. Perhaps you need to keep an eye on competitors, Government regulations, or other crucial pieces of information. Making manual checks is time-consuming and means you can easily miss updates. So, starting at $50.00 per month, VisualPing will automate this process with notifications direct to your inbox when something has changed.

Getting the most out of your tools

Our guide goes beyond just listing tools; it's designed to help you find smarter, more efficient ways to handle legal work. By choosing the right technology, your team can significantly reduce time spent on routine tasks, making room for work that really matters. But it's not just about picking these tools; it’s about how they fit into your everyday work routine.

That's why proper implementation is so important. It's not enough to just have these tools; they need to work well with your current processes and come with straightforward support and training.

At Pactly, we’re not just about selling solutions; we're here to support smaller legal teams like yours. We offer practical, affordable tools that make a real difference in your day-to-day work. To see how our platform can help you manage contracts more efficiently from start to finish, book a demo with us. We’re excited to show you a simpler way to get things done.

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